In the first decade of the nineteenth century a movement began in America which had the objective of evangelizing the non-Christian world.  The second set of missionaries sent out went to Jaffna, Ceylon, in 1816.  Apart from the usual missionary activities, some of them also practiced medicine. This book outlines the activities of these medical missionaries in Jaffna in the nineteenth century, particularly the outstanding contribution of Samuel Fisk Green.  He opened a small hospital and started the first western medical school in Ceylon where ultimately 113 medical practitioners were trained.  When he found that his trainees were going away to work in other parts of the country he decided to switch the medium of instruction to Tamil.  To do this he studied Tamil and translated eight major medical text books into Tamil, a total of over 4500 pages.  This book is dedicated to the pioneering work of Samuel Fisk Green.

The cover has an original sketch by Darshan Raja Rayan of what Inuvil Hospital would have looked like when it was opened in 1897.

The book is complete with an Index and a comprehensive relevant Bibliography.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: In the beginning (1810 – 1816)
Chapter 2: James Richards (1816 – 1822) and Edward Warren (1816 – 1818)
Chapter 3: John Scudder MD (1820 – 1836)
Chapter 4: Nathan Ward MD (1833 – 1846)
Chapter 5: Samuel Fisk Green MD  (1846 – 1857)
Chapter 6: Samuel Fisk Green MD  (1858 – 1862)
Chapter 7: Samuel Fisk Green MD  (1862 – 1873)
Chapter 8: Samuel Fisk Green MD  (1873 – 1884)
Chapter 9: The closing years of the nineteenth century (1885 – 1899)


Appendix I: Sample translation of Gray’s Anatomy
Appendix II: Further sample translations by Dr Green
Appendix III: Title pages of Dr Green’s medical text translations
Appendix IV: List of Medical Students of the ACM Medical School, Manipay, Jaffna
Appendix V: Midwifery and childbirth customs in Jaffna in the 1850s
Appendix VI: A brief note on the ACM Printing Press to the end of the nineteenth century
Appendix VII: List of Tamil publications and translations by Dr Green or translated by his ex-students under his supervision and edited by Dr Green
Appendix VIII: Appeal for donations by Dr Green in 1859
Appendix IX: List of ACM American Missionaries and Assistant Missionaries
Appendix X: Medical Missions
Appendix XI: Appeal of Dr Scudder to pious Physicians in the United States
Appendix XII: Claims of the missionary work on pious Physicians

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ISBN: 978-0-646-52090-2

Publishers: MV Publications, Sydney