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The cost of the book is 30 Australian dollars (AUD). Post and packing per book is 10 AUD for any Australian address, and 20 AUD for the rest of the world. Delivery time is 2 to 3 days within Australia and about 10 to 12 days for the rest of the world, from date of receipt of payment.

Payment could be made by a cheque or bank draft in AUD. It is regretted that payment in other currencies is not acceptable as bank charges for conversion are considerable. Alternatively if the purchaser has an email address, payment could be made through Paypal. If the purchaser has a Paypal account, payment could be made through the purchaser’s nominated source i.e. bank transfer or credit card. If the purchaser does not have a Paypal account, payment could be made through Paypal by credit card. In either case, if a credit card is used, the card details will only be known to Paypal.

London and UK

Please contact Sri on phone number 020 8952 3827.  The cost per book is 20 GB Pounds plus local postage.


Purchase the book by calling at the Pyramid Video Store, The Crescent, Flemington, or at the Spiceland Grocery Store in the Flemington Shopping Centre, both of which are in Homebush West, NSW 2140.


Please contact Ravindran on telephone number (03) 9562 2854.

Asia Bookroom

The book is also available at Asia Bookroom which has been for over 30 years Australia’s leading bookseller of Asian books. They are based in Canberra, Australia, but they ship worldwide. You can order Medical Missionaries in Jaffna directly on their website.


If you have any questions, please email the author, Thiru, or phone him on (02) 8850 4798 within Australia (or +612 8850 4798 if calling from outside Australia).

Use Paypal below for orders direct from the author.

For orders within Australia (40 AUD):

For orders to the rest of the world (50 AUD):