Book launch in Sydney

The book was launched in Sydney at the Strathfield Town Hall, 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield, NSW, Australia, on 19 December 2009 before a capacity crowd of nearly 300 people. The Launch was chaired by the eminent Cardiologist, Dr V Manomohan, President of the Australian Medical Aid Foundation. Speakers included R Ambihaipahar (author of the book Scientific Tamil Pioneer — Dr Samuel Fisk Green); Samuel Arnold (author of the book Christian Heritage of Jaffna, Sri Lanka; work of the American Missionaries); Dr Poornima Paidipaty (Assistant Professor, University of Chicago); Sivakumar Arumugam (doctoral candidate in Anthropology, Columbia University); Ernest Macintyre (playwright and producer/director of many plays with Sri Lankan themes); Dr Murugar Gunasingam (author of the recent book Tamils in Sri Lanka: a comprehensive History); and the Author.

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4 Responses to Book launch in Sydney

  1. Janakan Srikhanta says:

    I was present yesterday Saturday 19 December 2009 for the launch of this Book. I consider myself to be privileged to be present. I think every Jaffna Tamil should have this book for prosperity, and to know who we are and what made us to be what we are and to view the external contributions made by Dr Green with gratitude.

  2. thiru says:

    Thank you Janakan for your comments. My admiration for Dr Green’s work was what led me to write this book.

  3. Samuel Thevabalan Arnold says:

    We were pleased to attend the Book launch on 19 December 2009. Your book is informative, well researched and documented. We are grateful to Thiru, Malini and family for this labour of love for posterity.

    We who come from Sri Lanka, Jaffna in particular are blessed by the sacrificial services of the American missionaries. God has a special calling for the pioneer medical missionary Dr Green to Manipay.

    May the present and future generations emulate the heritage of our forefathers by reading this book.

  4. thiru says:

    Thank you Sam for your comments. Jaffna is indeed fortunate that it was selected as the base for the American Missionaries in Ceylon.

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