Comments by Rajan Kadirgamar former Principal, Jaffna College

We are all indebted to Mr. Thiru Arumugam for reviving memories of an unusually splendid American Missionary presence in Jaffna by his endearing publication, well researched. It also indicates the quality of scholarship, and the cultural and distinguished heritage of the early missionaries. Mr. Arumugam portrays most effectively the trials and tribulations of young men and women who perished in their efforts to serve fellow man in a small insignificant corner of the world-Jaffna! The blood, sweat and tears of some of the finest specimens of humanity are now our sacred and blessed heritage and history ……… (the) book is not only interesting, it is a labour of love of magnificent proportions.

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2 Responses to Comments by Rajan Kadirgamar former Principal, Jaffna College

  1. I am Jeyam Benjamin from Napier, New Zealand. I wish to contact JH Ariyaratnam, former Registrar of the Undergraduate Dept, Jaffna College. Would you be able to help me locate his address, phone no & e-mail(if he has one). I am visiting UK & would like to contact him & other Jaffna College friends. Thanks for your help.

  2. Joe Solomon says:

    Good buy Rajan Mama (Former Principal Jaffa College).Your depature has left a Vacuum in Our Hearts. May your Soul rest in peace

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