American Ambassador Patricia Butenis visits Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay

The American Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Patricia Butenis, visited the Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay on 25 January 2011. During her visit she presented a copy of my book to the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India.

For a full description of the visit, an extract from which is given below, please go to the Jaffna Diocese website:

The Ambassador made a quick tour of the Green Memorial Hospital and appreciated the commitment of JDCSI to carry forward the ideals of the early American Missionaries. Bishop Thiagarajah presented a copy of the Centenary Souvenir of GMH and a write-up titled “The Challenge Before Us.” The Ambassador, in response, presented the diocese a copy of Mr Thiru Arumugam’s “Nineteenth Century American Medical Missionaries in Jaffna, Ceylon.”

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