Meeting in Toronto about the Book – 16 July 2010

A meeting about the book was held in Toronto at the Milliken Wesleyan Church Hall, Markham, on 16 July 2010. The Meeting was chaired by Rajan Kadirgamar, former Principal of Jaffna College. His introductory remarks included the following:

Thiru Arumugam now enters the scene bringing back to memory most refreshingly into the 21st century the life and work of the 19th century American Medical Missionaries. With his keen engineering skills he carves out with precision the essentials of the ACM medical service from an ocean of information available.

Like a skilled, imaginative architect with a vision he constructs a magnificent masterpiece for us.

He narrates the adventurous story with all its tragedies, perseverance, endurance and hope with such ease like an endearing classical novel. There is not a single dull moment – I read the whole English section in one sitting the moment I opened the book the morning it arrived. A few days later while I was browsing through it my 13 year old grand-daughter looked into it and said Thaatha let me have the book when you have finished with it!

This is the full text of Rajan Kadirgamar’s speech.

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1 Response to Meeting in Toronto about the Book – 16 July 2010

  1. anuradha says:

    Dear Uncle.Congrats on the book. How are you and aunty? If you come to Chennai, we can do an interview with you on NDTV-Hindu where i work as Head of Features Programming.
    Do stay in touch and lots of love to you and aunty.

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